Uganda's economy is predominantly agrarian; 81% of the employed labor force, nationwide, 72% of all employed women and 90% of all rural women work in agriculture. Women make up the majority of  smallholder farmer that we work with. Smallholder farmers experience lumpy cash flows due to the seasonal nature of their work. Because of this, smallholder farmers require financial products that fit in their livelihoods.

We are training individual farmers in Financial literacy, and other business development support training such as preparation of business plans, records management and basic financial planning and management.  Every farmer receives $200 , interest free, collateral free loan which they invest on their farms and then transfers the money to a another farmer at the end of the planting season.

We are so grateful for our partner GlobeMed at Arizona State University this pilot.

ICT for Farmers

Our team works with farmers to design their training module based on their needs and literacy levels. Farmers are first trained in basic computer skills like Ms Word, Ms excel, browsing, printing, scanning and how to use the internet to connect with other farmers and markets.

After training, Information Agents lead their respective groups into discussions on the type of information they want from the Internet. They come to the center, search for requested information from the internet,repackage it their local languages for community-wide sharing.


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