“ You can buy seed right there” she says as she points to neighbor’s banana plantation opposite her house in the Kitazigolokwa Trading Center.       “ When you plant, your expectations are high because you know you will earn money and have enough food. You even go ahead and get household items on credit when crops are halfway grown. But during the sixth month, the leaves turn yellowish and dry, bananas will then ripen prematurely” You end up indebted at the  local shop, without food and even income”  - Flavia Karugasha, a farmer in Uganda.

Flavia is a local farmer in Lyantonde Uganda, She is a mother of four who earns her living  from gardening and  from tailoring on her sewing machine. Like other farmers in her community of Kitazigolokwa, Flavia has for years struggled to feed her children and earn from farming which she has been engaged in since her youthful years when she got married to her late Husband Lauben Twine.

Banana bacterial wilt (BBW) is currently her community’s major constraint to banana production. It can totally destroy a plantation within a few months and has also affected even the most adaptable species bananas leaving farmers with no source of food and livelihoods. Local folks call BBW Lumaya , literally translated as an invisible creature that eat up and dries up the entire banana crop. Very many farmers like Flavia have for the past 14 years struggled to support their families and children’s’ stay in school . Lush SEED Funded project implemented by ICOD Action Network was introduced to farmers in Uganda in March 2015.

The training focused training farmers in permaculture principles as a way of overcoming  agriculture challenges and make their farming enterprises more profitable. The training focused on using locally produced formulas to control pests. Led by ICOD Action Network staff, farmers created a special formula that included mixture of Gray Water, Red Pepper and Wood Ash to create a local pest control Banana Bacterial Wilt.
Flavia and 7621 other farmers who benefited from the project in 2015 now have a locally made organic pest control formula that will  effectively  control banana wilt and increase yields and their incomes. THIS IS WHAT MAKES PERMACULTURE AWESOME!

ICT for Farmers

Our team works with farmers to design their training module based on their needs and literacy levels. Farmers are first trained in basic computer skills like Ms Word, Ms excel, browsing, printing, scanning and how to use the internet to connect with other farmers and markets.

After training, Information Agents lead their respective groups into discussions on the type of information they want from the Internet. They come to the center, search for requested information from the internet,repackage it their local languages for community-wide sharing.


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