We pioneered Permaculture in Uganda back in 2010 because we believe it's the best way to promote food security and rejuvenate the environment. Our permaculture program is driven by the desire to finding “lasting solutions to end global hunger.

Since June 2010, we have been partnering with Agricultural Co-ops of small scale farmers in Uganda in an information-sharing program that provides instruction in Information Technology to farmers. Farmers use their training to retrieve relevant information (focused on, but not limited, to agriculture - such as market access and prices, disease and pest control methods, weather patterns, etc) from our solar powered internet facility to be posted in their respective villages for their communities to access at large.

A group of small-holder farmers that we partner with elects their own members (We call them Information Agents) who they want to send to us for training (these are usually farmers and members of that group). Usually most groups send 4 - 6 members per month. We provide a bicycle to each group so that its members can ride to the training center four times a week for training. Our team works with these farmers to design their training module based on their needs and literacy levels.

Our team works with farmers to design their training module based on their needs and literacy levels. Farmers are first trained in basic computer skills like Ms Word, Ms excel, browsing, printing, scanning and how to use the internet to connect with other farmers and markets.

After training, Information Agents lead their respective groups into discussions on the type of information they want from the Internet. They come to the center, search for requested information from the internet,repackage it their local languages for community-wide sharing.

What is Permaculture

Permaculture is a wide concept that every organization and individual defines differently depending on what values they hold. Our permaculture is driven by the desire to finding “lasting solutions to end global hunger.” We believe farmers have the ability to transform unproductive land into extremely productive land if they get the training they need.

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Permaculture = Sustainability

Imagine growing your own food, harvesting rain water, eating fresh fruits from your garden, conserving the environment and soil! That’s a sustainable way of life, you have found sustainable solutions to your needs, needs of your household and community.

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Value Addition

Value addition is an important component of our food security projects. Because of several agriculture and market hindrances, tonnes of farm produce goes to waste on farms, in storage, in transportation and in homes. We equip smallscale farmers with skills in value addition.

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We work with school children and encourage them to directly take charge of their environments and food by planting food trees. We work with them to plant nursery beds, and ensure day-to-day maintenance of the nurseries for their benefit.

All schools we work with selects their team of ambassadors who are visionary children who have shown distinguished leadership in their respective schools. These children are leaders in their respective school leading fellow kids in the fruit trees growing.

The project is fully "funded" by our staff. All fruit trees that have been distributed to school children are sorted, planted and watered by our staff. This is one of the ways we try to give back to communities we work with!


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